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About Us

Our team

Christoph Wenk


Rolf Peters


Mike Ihmels


Marco Schoolmann


Our history

The beginning

Strictly speaking, our story begins in Germany in 2017 with the start-up of Hächler GmbH. However, we actually have several decades of experience in the sewer rehabilitation industry.

The foundation

The Swiss Hächler Group’s withdrawal from the international market enabled us, Christoph Wenk and Rolf Peters, to establish Hächler GmbH in Hage, Germany. Rolf Peters was Technical Director and authorised signatory at the Swiss Hächler AG Umwelttechnik for almost 20 years, while Christoph Wenk is proprietor of the mechanical engineering company cwTec which manufactures products for several notable companies in the sewer cleaning industry – together, they offer the perfect mix of experience in the market and the highest level of technical expertise. 

A milestone

The company’s first milestone was developing and producing the Climbolino E service connection robot: in 2018, we succeeded in revolutionising milling robots used for sewer rehabilitation.

And the e-revolution is gathering pace: in the first two years, we have managed to sell over 50 Climbolino E milling robots in Germany alone.

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